Ken Tyrrell

Ken is currently a managing member of Blue Water Express Car Wash, LLC. Blue Water is a regional express car wash company based in Tallahassee with locations in Central and North Florida and South Alabama. Ken and Earl May are the founders of the company, created the initial business model & budgets and worked together in developing each location. Prior to the development of Blue Water, Ken developed and sold several businesses including Mozaik, an upscale restaurant and catering business in Tallahassee. After five successful years of operations, the restaurant was sold for more than two times the amount of the original development cost. Ken also worked with Earl May on purchasing Mark's 10-Minute Oil Change in Panama City, FL. Together, they developed and implemented turnaround efforts that resulted in dramatic improvements to profit and eventually sold the business four years later for more than 150 percent of the original purchase price.

From 1992 - 1997 Ken worked for Super-Lube 10 Minute Oil Change where he was involved with facility operations, financial analysis, marketing, site selection, real estate acquisitions and construction.

Ken holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from Florida State University.